Make Money Now Online — A Shortcut to Six Figures

In these troubled times, more and more people are turning to the internet in search of a means to make money now online.

The problem is, unless somebody steers you in the right direction right out of the starting gate, you'll very likely make money *later* online ... a *lot* later ... like maybe even *years* later.

1) The first thing you're most likely to run across in your search for a way to make money now online is a "home-
based business" of some kind, usually the MLM kind.

While this can work for some people, it usually doesn't work for most people, because they very often don't have the sales and marketing skills to make it work. So they wind up basically wasting the "buy-in" money they put up, which usually amounts to several hundred dollars they really cannot afford to lose.

2) The second thing you're most likely to get involved with in your efforts to make money now online is an "affiliate marketing" endeavor of one type or another. Some sales letter will sell you on the idea of making a whole bunch of "niche blogs" and filling them up with a whole bunch of "seo content" so as to sell a whole bunch of "affiliate products" so you can make a whole bunch of money like the author of the sales letter claims to have done.

What often isn't apparent, though, is that while it may have worked for him or her, that's no guarantee that it's going to work for you, because you likely don't have all the internet marketing skills necessary to make it work. So again, you wind up having learned how to *spend* rather than *make* money now online.

That's the bad news.

Now, here's the good news ...

3) There is a third way ... an excellent way ... a way that combines all the "residual-income" advantages of MLM with all the "hassle-free" advantages of affiliate marketing.

And the best bit is, you can get started for a mere $10!

No, I take that back. That's not the best bit. That's the second-best bit. The best bit is what you get for your $10, which is a whole lot more than just a way to make money now online.

What you get is a complete, comprehensive, time-tested, newbie-proven education in all the ins and outs of internet marketing. It enables you to step up to the income-
producing plate much faster than you could normally expect to do ... and start batting a thousand.

A thousand dollars, that is.

A month! And more!

You see, a thousand dollars a month is only $35 a day, on average, and that's just what you'll learn to earn, and more ... and it gets paid directly into your PayPal account, too! So there's no waiting months for a multi-level-marketing check, or weeks for an affiliate-marketing check. Whenever somebody buys one of your products out on the internet, the purchase price of that product is deposited into your PayPal account immediately.

Something else: A hundred thousand dollars a year is only $350 a day, on average, and that's something else you'll *also* learn to achieve, and before you're very much older, too! It's just a matter of following instructions on how to step up your game a bit.

Here's a quick "10-Step Overview" and also a free ebook with more detailed information on how to make money now online from ElizabethAdamsDirect. I personally vouch for the excellence of this method, and I unhesitatingly recommend it to anyone, but especially to those who are turning to the internet for the first time. It will put your feet on the right path, and "raise you up in the way you should go." —Warmest Regards, Elizabeth ...

Elizabeth Adams
Sincerely Yours,

Elizabeth Adams

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