Really good, useful, *meaty* information
that you can actually learn from and profit by ...

“Using Quality Headlines
Can Make You Money!”

Let Me Show You
How to Write Profitable Headlines
Quickly and Easily

Elizabeth Adams
From: Elizabeth Adams


Dear Friend and Fellow Marketer ...

In “How to Master the Art of Selling”, Tommy Hopkins said:

"Once you know the things to do and the words to say,
you will never be out of a job."

I remember reading that as if it was yesterday. I remember how much I hated the job I had at the time ... how much I wanted out of it. I bought Tommy’s book right then and there and took it home and devoured it cover to cover ... memorized everything he said to memorize because, he said, the brass tacks part of selling goes very, very fast, and you’ll lose the sale if you’re fumbling around for the right words at the last minute.

Those words — and that book — were my ticket to financial freedom back then ... and the same principles apply today, except that when you’re selling on the Web, you don’t have the advantage of eye contact and facial expression and voice intonation and the sheer power of personality that you have when you’re selling in person.

So, you have to use your imagination and find effective substitutes for these things in the way you write, because on the Internet, words are *everything*. In fact, the right words can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.

And once you know the right words to say — in the right place, and at the right time — you basically have the equivalent of a license to print money, because the Internet never sleeps. There is always someone, somewhere, who is so hungry for the information you have that they’re willing to go to any lengths to get it. It’s called InfoLust, and it’s turned on 24/7 all around the world.

The problem is, really *good* information about something is often very difficult to find. Yes, there’s probably articles on the subject somewhere around on the Web, and there’s probably even a few ebooks on it, too. But really good, useful, *meaty* information that you can actually learn from and profit by is often very hard to find, especially if what you’re trying to do is acquire a complex sales and marketing skill like the ability to write effective headlines, page titles and subject lines.

The best solution I have found to this problem is a package of training materials offered by Robert Boduch on the subject of


How to Attract More Interested, Enthusiastic Prospects ... More Customers ... and More Cash Profits From Every Ad, Sales Letter, Web Page, or Any Other Marketing Piece You Ever Use —

In the words of one of his happy customers ...

"Robert, remember, I’m a programmer ... writing headlines isn’t my cup of tea. But after my second reading of your headline manual, I feel like the Headline Ninja!"

Ben Prater,, Cape Girardeau, MO.

Headline Ninja!

That’s great! That’s just what Robert’s ebook helps you to become ...

A Master of Record-Breaking Response Rates!

Kidding aside, it’s true: The number one secret to successful marketing is the headline. Every ad, press release, web site, or marketing document of any kind *must* have a strong headline to succeed. The results you achieve are in direct proportion to the attention-getting and interest-arousing quality of your headline. A good headline can easily double or triple your response, and a great one can do even better ... up to 17 (seventeen!) times better, according to Robert Boduch.

The question is, how can a person learn to create the type of quality headline that produces such stellar results? What is it that the Headline Ninja knows that the rest of us don’t? And how can we acquire such knowledge? How can we become Headline Ninjas, too? What’s the straightest, most direct path to competence in this all-important skill?

In my own search for an answer, I plowed through endless lightweight articles, dozens of informative-but-incomplete ebooks, and even some regular written-on-real-paper books.
But to no avail. Trying to learn the art and science of writing effective headlines that way is like trying to catch a greased pig: It keeps slipping through your fingers.

Harmony Major, E-Biz Expert at,
put it this way:

"Well, you know I always test and use ALL products (in my market) before I recommend them, and I had to test this one first to be sure it worked to produce the results promised in the sales letter.”

“And guess what? I’ve seen a 275% INCREASE IN SALES ever since I first put this product to use! Honestly, I’m simply amazed. So believe me when I say that this product can mean life or death to your profits — online or off — and can make a *substantial* difference in the success of each and every ad campaign you run.”

Great Headlines  — Instantly!

Great Headlines — Instantly!
How to Write Powerful, Attention-Grabbing Headlines
that Pull in More Prospects,
More Customers and More Profits, NOW!

It’s a full-size manual jam-packed with all the inside secrets ... tips, techniques, ideas, and strategies for more effective and profitable headlines. It’s a complete resource ... nearly 200 pages of pure profit-building power. It’s everything you could ever need to generate great headlines on demand. It’s your one-stop reference guide with detailed, easy-to-follow information and hundreds of practical examples you can refer to anytime you need a great headline.

11 Specific Skills You'll Acquire
by Studying This Manual

  1.  How to Write a Winning Headline for Any Product,
       Service or Application
  2.  How to Improve Any Existing Headline   3.  Effective Word Selection for Maximum Impact   4.  How to Edit a Headline and Refine It to Its Most
       Concise Form
  5.  How to Recognize a Winner from a Loser   6.  How to Make Any Form of Written Communication
       Much More Powerful
  7.  How to Extend the Capabilities of a Headline with
       Additional Firepower
  8.  The Essence of Effective Copy Writing   9.  Idea Generation Techniques for More Powerful
        Headline Content
10.  How to Get the Attention of Your Target Prospects 11.  How to Make Your Headline Stand Out Anywhere
        with Visual Enhancements

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There is no more valuable skill you could acquire as a marketer, than the skill of creating attention-grabbing headlines. It’s a skill that, once mastered, can be used anytime, anywhere, to attract more prospects, increase your sales, improve your cash flow and boost your profits.

Headlines are your “front line” to any market. It’s the first thing most prospects see. Your headline is your one big chance to interest and influence a selected audience with your message.

If you want your messages to get noticed ... if you want to be heard .. if you want to make a splash in the marketplace ... you need to have headlines that not only work, but work extremely well.

Nothing is more important to the success of every communi-
cation you ever produce than the headlines that act as “opening statements.” Headlines play a crucial role, but most marketers and business owners fail to recognize the monumental impact a single headline can have on their overall results.

As your introductory point of contact, headlines are often your *only* chance to capture the attention and stimulate the interest of the people you must reach to achieve the results you desire. Headlines are often referred to as the “ad for an ad”. They set the stage for the audience, and they either “grab” a prospect’s attention, or they don’t. This is true whether the document is a lengthy sales letter, a tiny classified ad or a full-fledged book.

Headlines reign supreme!

Great headlines create excitement, anticipation and enthusiasm for more. A single headline has the power to launch a multi-million-dollar business, or to turn a losing campaign into a highly-successful one.

When your headline succeeds, you’ve overcome the greatest obstacle facing all marketers; you’ve won over — at least for the time being — a receptive audience for your message.

If, on the other hand, your headline fails to attract and interest an audience, not only will your promotion falter, but the remainder of your ad, brochure, website or article will be rendered completely useless. Any body copy quickly becomes irrelevant when the headline fails to capture interested readers.

With the information contained in “Great Headlines — Instantly!” you have everything you need to craft an unlimited number of arresting, provocative, compelling and money-making headlines.

“Great Headlines — Instantly!” is actually a “blueprint” for creating successful headlines ... quickly and easily. It’s your complete guide to writing winning headlines for virtually any application or purpose.

The information contained in this book applies to everything from classified ads and sales letters, to newsletter articles and web pages. It delivers the most important, profit-producing information available about creating riveting, attention-grabbing headlines that pull prospects in with the unstoppable force of a powerful magnet.

When you’ve acquired the skill of writing winning headlines, you’ll have also acquired the capability of crafting compelling ads and marketing materials of all kinds. Headline writing is the essence of good copy writing. It’s all about generating concise, power-packed statements that ignite interest and desire. Isn’t that the “heart and soul” of the best sales letters and direct marketing packages? Headlines ... subheadings ... bullet points ... postscripts ... all of these components are, in effect, headlines. So you’re not just learning headline writing ...

... you’re gaining an invaluable skill that can transform
your marketing efforts for a lifetime.

In the words of Tommy Hopkins, “Once you know the things to do and the words to say, you will never be out of a job.” As a copywriter who can make words make money, your financial future is assured. You can name your own price.

12 Times the Number of Sales!
A Case Study

Often the difference between a winning headline and one that fails may boil down to just a word or two. But the results can be so radically different that it’s almost unbelievable.

Here is an example to show you what I mean:

One marketer tested 4 different headlines for a diet product over a three-month period. The sales material remained identical. Only the headline was different in each case.

The headlines were as follows:

1. Breakthrough New Diet Product!
2. A New Diet Revolution!
3. How a Texas Housewife Lost 23.5 Pounds in 32 Days!
4. Dieting Secrets Of A Desperate Housewife!

Every individual response was carefully tracked and recorded. The actual documented results may
surprise you.

Total sales were 165 units over this testing period.

Here’s a breakdown of the results each specific headline produced:

1. 13 sales (8% of total sales)
2.   8 sales (5% of total sales)
3. 98 sales (59% of total sales)
4. 46 sales (28% of total sales)

As you can see, the most successful headline produced nearly 12 times the number of sales of the least responsive headline!

That’s a *huge* variation. What a discovery to make early on in the marketing process!

This is the kind of information that can help you make a fortune as a marketer!

The key, in this case, was the headline and the ability to determine the most effective appeal to use.

The Application of These Ideas

All of the ideas you’ll discover in “Great Headlines — Instantly!” can be applied to any kind of communication. They work in good times and bad ... when the economy is thriving, as well as those periods when conditions aren’t so favorable.

Most of the ideas presented in this “blueprint” are based on human nature and the emotional stimulus that captures attention and generates interest. While the actual words may change over time, many of the same appeals that worked years ago still work today. You see, human behavior hasn’t changed all that much over the years. We react to the same emotional triggers our forefathers did, so using these strong emotional appeals is one of the secrets to making headlines work.

“Great Headlines — Instantly!” is a collection of strategies and techniques accumulated over the years. Every key piece of information Robert Boduch has ever discovered about creating great headlines has been included in this book for your benefit. You can start using it immediately to write winning headlines that increase your response rates ... and your bank account!

Many different groups of people can benefit from the information contained in “Great Headlines — Instantly!” ...

Newsletter Publishers
Magazine Writers
Marketing mManagers

... the list goes on and on. Many people of various avenues and backgrounds can profit from the wealth of tips, techniques, formulas and examples contained in this book.

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If you’re a business owner, the success of every promotional piece you ever use hinges on your headline. For a marketing manager, future employment may ride on the success of a single campaign. The right headline can make all the difference. For a writer, the ability to grab attention and interest is crucial ... and this is where the headline comes into play.

So wherever you are, however you choose to use these ideas, I guarantee you this: Your headlines will be much more effective if you make this information your own and use it wisely. More prospects will notice your message and be made aware of your product and the benefits it affords. This can only mean more interested, highly-qualified prospects ... more eager customers ... and more dollars in your pocket!

If you carefully absorb this material, study the examples, and try even just a few of the suggested formulas, I’m certain you’ll be delighted with your new results, and your investment in this program will be returned many times over.

There’s nothing like having the right tool at hand when you need it most. Whenever you need to produce any kind of written communication, you’ll need to create headlines. And sometimes you won’t have as much time as you’d like to follow one of the formulas. That’s when it’s very handy to have samples available that you can adapt to your own purposes to make your writing task easier when time is in short supply.

Robert Boduch has written this book to help you create your own compelling headlines on demand. Any single idea or example could be the catalyst that triggers your next big winner. By applying the various tips, techniques, and processes, you’ll find your mind opening up to even bigger and better ideas, so don’t limit yourself. Listen to your ideas and be willing to test any that appear to have even a remote chance of success. That’s how “breakthrough” headlines evolve.

One headline can literally change your life. And now, with this book, you have the tools and the background material to write superb headlines anytime you want, as often as you wish!

I hope you use this resource to create headlines of your own that produce the results you really want. This is my wish for you, that you may come to know, as Tommy Hopkins says, the things to do and the words to say that will bring you prosperity all your days.

Here’s What Some Noted Experts Have to Say About
"Great Headlines — Instantly!"


"Robert, got your book. Read it. Loved it. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more in-depth analysis of headlines before in my life. I’m impressed. Thanks for sharing this with me."

Joe Vitale
Houston, TX
Well-known copywriter and author of several classic marketing books including "Hypnotic Writing"... "There’s A Customer Born Every Minute"... and "Spiritual Marketing"


"Robert Boduch has given the final word on developing effective headlines! His new manual, "Great Headlines — Instantly!," contains a POWERHOUSE of information that’ll have you creating customer grabbing headlines within days. I’ve never seen anything like it.

He includes 22 different varieties of headlines - (which is a sureenough cure for writers block)... sample headlines for envelopes, business cards, door hangers, yellow page ads, banner ads... 69 sure-fire tips for creating more effective headlines... and much more. I’ve already begun to use several of his techniques with a new Web site that I’m developing. (And I’m a writer by trade.)

While other authors merely glaze over the topic of headline writing, Robert has written a tome that breaks down the process in easy-to-digest steps. It’s one of the best investments you could ever make if you want to generate immediate attention for any and all of your promotional pieces.

Thank you so much Robert! This is just what I needed."

Monique Harris
Silver Springs, MD
Author of "How To Successfully Sell Information Products Online" and "Make Your Knowledge Sell"


"Wow Robert, you certainly have packed a lot of information in there... I think the text is excellent. Almost every eventuality in headlines has been covered — that’s quite a feat."

Ken Silver
Wellington, New Zealand
Author of "How To Make $100,000 A Year Part-Time Creating How To Manuals From Home" and "EBook Secrets"


"Got your book — terrific! Really good stuff and I feel privileged to be in there!"

Wanda Loskot
Sarasota, FL
Business Coach and Marketing Expert


"First, let me tell you I’m not one of those marketers known for peppering the Web with falsely-excited kudos for just any product. When I recommend something, I make SURE it’s something I’ve used, and is absolutely outstanding. That said, I definitely recommend you get ‘Great Headlines — Instantly!’ by Robert Boduch. This man’s book is EXCELLENT! I couldn’t recommend it any higher. It may well be the best, most useful book on ANY topic that I’ve read online to date. In less than a week after I first scanned his book and bonus reports, they helped create the best sales lettter I’ve done to date for one of my products, Yahoo! Secrets. It’s that good! I’ve never seen a book on headline writing that says it better, and it’s not any longer than it has to be to teach you what you need to know. Great for busy entrepreneurs like me!"

Harmony Major
Raleigh, NC
Online Marketing Consultant and Author


"Your headline-writing program is awesome! It has instantly become one of the most cherished marketing tools in my arsenal - and I wouldn’t sell it for any price. You’ve done an amazing job of revealing the insider secrets to creating powerhouse headlines in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step system. One thing is for sure: I’ll make my money back 100 times over (and more) using your program. Thanks again - and keep up the great work."

Jeff Gardner
Carlsbad, NM
President Success Achievement Publishing

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"... read your book on headlines over the long holiday weekend. I was very impressed. You certainly give the reader more than enough information on the art of headline writing. Yours is the best book I’ve ever read on the subject and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about writing good headlines.

All the information you provide makes it a lot easier to get good headline ideas. You give so many good examples to get ideas from that it makes it fun to come up with a good headline instead of banging your head up against a wall trying to come up with something.

You certainly put together a good product. Thank you for all the solid information you provided on writing headlines. I know it will be a lot easier writing headlines from now on."

Tom Scott
St. Petersburg, FL
President of Scott Direct Inc.and author of
"The Magic Power Of The Press Release"


"I have just read your book through the first time, but I would like to read it once more. It’s that good! I wanted to absorb all the helpful details before I wrote about it.

Yes, I would definitely say that it’s an AMAZING book, Robert! It really delivers as promised! You take your readers by the hand and show them step-by-step how to write ‘killer’ headlines. I just can’t imagine how you could have done it any better. Congratulations and a big THANK YOU!"

Klaus Dahl
Internet Marketer


"I have to tell you that this is one of best tools I have ever seen on how to write great headlines! I’ve already found hundreds of great ideas to generate money grabbing sales letters and Internet sites!

I’m also going to tell everyone of my boot-camp students, direct marketing associates and newsletter subscribers that they HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK! Good job on a great product!"

Dave Bancroft
Clearwater, FL
Prime Directive Management Ltd.

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Knowing how to put together a great headline is one of your most valuable assets. It’s an asset you can use to give yourself much better results every time you run an ad or launch a new promotional campaign.

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When you order “Great Headlines — Instantly!”, you get Robert’s entire package for creating dynamite headlines anytime anywhere and for any application.

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The big manual, “Great Headlines — Instantly!”, contains 187 power-packed pages that reveal all the secrets of successful headlines, complete with hundreds of examples, so you can see these profit ideas in action. Loaded with tips, techniques and proven methods for writing headlines that work like magic.

Bonus #1: Robert’s huge reference file of 39 full pages of headline examples culled from his massive, lifetime collection of direct-mail pieces, sales letters, brochures, advertisements, web pages, courses, articles, and books. A tremendous resource to ignite your creativity and help you put together a guaranteed winner every time.

Bonus #2: Robert’s "secret" weapon! It’s a two-sided list of the very best headline words and phrases of all time. One side features over 250 of the most effective headline words ever assembled, and the other side has over 200 superb headline phrases you can draw from at any time. Simply pin this card to a nearby wall, or or keep it on your desk as a handy reference. Using this invaluable list will jump-start your headline writing in an instant.

Bonus #3: "7 Quick And Easy Headline Formulas", a supplementary print-out edition. Just pull out this report whenever you need a headline and you’ll have several winners in mere minutes. With one formula, writing dynamite headlines is as simple as filling in the blanks. What could be easier!

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My personal objective in business is to always give you — my customer — more in use value than I ask in cash value. It’s the best way I know of to build a business. So I’ve loaded tons of practical information into one HUGE package that over-delivers in your favor.

But I want to go one step further. That’s why you also get my risk-free, one-year money-back guarantee.

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Try "Great Headlines — Instantly! How To Write Powerful, Attention-Grabbing Headlines That Pull In More Prospects, More Customers And More Profits, NOW!" for one full year.

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How to Cash In on Every Promotion
With Small Effort/BIG PAYOFF Techniques
That Can Give You Some Amazing Returns!

The very same ideas, tactics, formulas, and methods that Robert is about to show you are exactly the same as he used to create successful headlines for everything from postcards and direct mail packages, to brochures and display ads.

As an entrepreneur, Robert has been writing successful headlines for the past fifteen years. As a copywriter, he’s created dozens of winning headlines for clients as part of his full package of services.

With his new headlines manual, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily transform ANY headline into a powerful prospect-magnet that brings you larger audiences, more cash orders and multiple profits ... guaranteed!

Just get a hold of this manual and you, too, will be writing powerful headlines that are irresistible to your prospects!

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Improving your headline is the easiest way to boost your response rates and your profits! You’ll have the full range of tools for creating awesome headlines — right at your fingertips! Use these profit-making ideas as often as you wish and reap the rewards for as long as you like.

"Great Headlines — Instantly!" Is Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before on the Number One Secret to Marketing Success: Creating Winning Headlines That Attract Huge Numbers of Prospects and Customers!

This manual gives you all the key information you need to instantly create amazing headlines on demand! You get all the best Tips, Techniques, Methods, Strategies, and Formulas!

These headline ideas may be very different from anything else you’ve ever seen, heard, or read before. But I’m convinced that anyone can use this information to write their own "grabber" headlines and achieve outstanding success!

And with my one-year guarantee, there’s no way you can lose even if you do decide you want your money back down the road.

The truth is, though, you’ll never have to worry about having to get your money back.


Because after you learn and apply these headline secrets and magic formulas, you’ll find that your results have really started to soar! More leads, more customers, more cash, and more profits!

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Using just one of Robert’s instant headline formulas, you’ll quickly see the profit-producing power of this manual.

It’s very easy to use. The ideas are presented in an easy-to-read and understand format.

This complete course will put an end to any weak, unresponsive ads and marketing materials by tackling the number-one cause of poor results: ineffective headlines.

You’ll notice a big difference right away. All it takes is one little idea to completely transform your results and maybe even your life. This manual is packed to the hilt with money-making headline ideas!

We’re talking real-life, nuts-and-bolts,
down-to-earth methods for pumping out provocative, alluring headlines in just minutes, instead of days!

What’s the best part about this whole package?

Well, in my opinion, the best part is that...

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Yours for more successful headlines,


Elizabeth Adams

P.S. If you feel hesitant for any reason, ask yourself this important question:

“What have I done in the last 90 days
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Since your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed, you risk nothing by responding immediately. So the time to decide for yourself whether "Great Headlines — Instantly!" is everything I’ve promised is after you’ve put Robert’s original material to the test.

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